• Next-Generation Virtual Private Network (NGVPN) is our tailor-made solution focusing on site-to-site cross-border enterprise level VPN connection. We integrate our NGVPN solution with existing technology including lease line, wan optimization, QoS control, encryption, etc., to provide best user experience on site-to-site network connection at a reasonable price. With the assistance of solid partners such as China Telecom, we keep on deepening the performance of NGVPN in different countries in recent years.
  • Under the background of Chinese National Great Firewall, we specifically enhance the connection performance between mainland China and worldwide. Nearly all our existing NGVPN client report that, our NGVPN solution successfully solve their pain point when using traditional approaches.
  • Here is one of the usual real scenarios when using our NGVPN solution. A client owns multiple factories and retail stores in mainland China. At the same time, client’s office is in Hong Kong. There are multiple digital files which need to keep synchronized among computing systems in mainland China and worldwide office area. Moreover, accurate communication (e.g., email/video conferencing) is necessary to carry out business flow.

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Next-Generation Virtual Private Network (NGVPN) solution


Next-Generation Virtual Private Network (NGVPN) is our tailor-made solution focusing on cross-border enterprise level VPN connection.


Our NGVPN solution enhances the connection performance worldwide by encryption and deduplication of network traffic, we provide certain functions including Wan Optimization, QoS control, Site-to-site network connection and secure network protection etc.


4Rs of NGVPN:


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