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In IT industry, we virtualize everything to reduce the maintenance cost and utilize the usage. Instead of multiple physical servers, we trend to virtualize computing resources and storage to form a VM farm, then migrating all necessary application server into it.


As we are experienced on developing VMware vSphere, here are some virtualization advantage overviews.

  • Server consolidation
  • Resource management
  • Increased uptime
  • Image-based backup and restore


Server consolidation - By collapsing physical servers into virtual servers and reducing the number of physical servers, your company will reap a tremendous savings in power and cooling costs. Additionally, you'll be able to reduce the datacentre footprint which can include diesel generator costs, UPS costs, network switch costs, rack space and floor space.


Resource management – Because of the function of virtualization tools, you can add certain amount of virtual resources to your virtual machine so that you can enhance the performance of your virtual machine very fast and easy.


Increased uptime - One of the more powerful features of server virtualization is the ability to move a running virtual machine from one host to another with no downtime. VMware's vMotion can do this for you and that feature makes other features like distributed resource scheduler (DRS) and distributed power management (DPM) possible.


Image-based backup and restore - By being able to back up and restore entire virtual machines, you can much more quickly back up the VMs and put them back, if needed. Additionally, image-level backups make disaster recovery so much easier. Even more, only changed blocks need to be backed up and backups can be done in the middle of the day thanks to snapshot technology.



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